Illustrated Book Animal Life and Lore by Osmond P Breland 1963

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Book by Osmond P. Breland, 1963, titled Animal Life and Lore.

Hardcover in good condition, with some tearing of the dust jacket and indentations along the top edges.

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Drawing upon his earlier popular books, Animal Facts and Fallacies and Animal Friends and Foes and on recent research and experimentation, Osmond Breland here explores the latest information on the fascinating and often improbably ways of animals.

A close observer of animal behavior, Dr. Breland examines mans common beliefs and misbeliefs about the animal kingdom, and in answering questions most frequently asked by the general reader, he replaces fancy with scientific fact. If, for example, you wonder how the horned toad squirts blood from its eyes, how moles see, opossums made, or about the flying and running speeds of animals, ou will find the information here, in informal question and answer style.

While surveying the habits of mammals, , birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes, the book provides basic material on animal migration and navigation, evolution, courtship and breeding, and explains, also, the importance to man of insects, seashore life, even the one-celled protozoans.

Divided into sections on vertebrates and invertebrates, organized by class and family, Animal Life and Lore is arranged both for quick reference and casual reading. The text is sprinkled with humorous anecdotes and analogies that impart precise information in so lively and entertaining a manner that the facts are easily learned and long remembered. It is that rare sort of book that will delight readers of all ages.