Between Two Worlds Book by Nandor Fodor C1964

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Book "Between Two Worlds" by Nandor Fodor, copyright 1964. Amazing True Case Histories of the Occult, the Mysterious, the Marvelous and the Supernatural.

No dust jacket. Very minor wear, super clean pages. Back cover inside has some wrinkling from glue setting on end paper. Nice and clean. Super interesting read!


The famous and the great

MacKenzie Kings Search for Survival

Lincoln and the Unseen

Who Was the Real Francis Grierson?

The Unknown Dickens

The Riddle of Vaslav Nijinsky

Sandor Forenczis Psychic Adventures

The Incredible Psychic Life of Dr. Carl G. Jung

Highways and Byways of the Mind

The Voice Within

Ghosts Within and Without

The Dark Side of Telepathy

Through the Gate of Horn

She Became a Chinaman

Adventures in Spirit Photography

The Great Memory

The Cocos Island Mystery

The Egyptian Curse

Dreaming True

Peculiarities of Deja Vu

Bibliography to Parts I and II

Of Ghoulies and Ghosties

Lo, The Incubus

Vampire Abroad

Goblin of the Loaf

The "Living Machine" of Rev. John Murray Spear

The Rage that Burns the House Down

The Baltimore Poltergeist

Haunted by the Living

The Talking Mongoose

Fairies Should be Seen But Not Heard of

Gifts From Heaven

Of Things that Go Bump in the Night

The Most Haunted House in England

The Ghosts of Raynham Hall

The Man Who Bit a Ghost

The Haunter is a Cat

The Haunter is a Dog

Haunted Rings and Pearls

Who Rings the Bell?

The Phantom Boatmen of Maidenhead

Hunting the Table-Tilting Ghosts

The Smell of Death

Sex in the Great Beyond

Good Lord Deliver Us

Weeping Madonna

The Face on the Wall

Wonders in the Sky

Phantom Priests of Joan of Arc

To Cross the Abyss

The Wounds of Christ

Is There an Authentic Portrait of Christ?