Woman's Institute Library of Cookery (volume 1 of 5): Essentials of Cooking Cereals, Bread, and Hot Breads 1918 by Unknown

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This is the 1918 volume 1 of the 5 volume set. The cover is a dark bluish gray cloth, not gray like the scan is showing. My scanner rendered the image grayscale instead of rgb. It has blind stamped decoration and gilt spine titles.

Volume 2: Soup / Meat / Poultry and Game / Fish and Shell Fish
Volume 3: Salads and Sandwiches / Cold and Frozen Desserts / Cakes, Cookies, and Puddings / Pastries and Pies
Volume 4: Fruit and Fruit Desserts / Canning and Drying / Jelly Making, Preserving, and Pickling / Confections / Beverages / The Planning of Meals
Volume 5: Milk, Butter, and Cheese / Eggs / Vegetables

The Woman's Institute Library of Cookery consists of five volumes that cover the various phases of the subject of cookery as it is carried on in the home. These books contain the same text as the Instruction Papers of the Institute's Course in Cookery arranged so that related subjects are grouped together. Examination questions pertaining to the subject matter appear at the end of each section. These questions will prove helpful in a mastery of the subjects to which they relate, as they are the same as those on which students of the Institute are required to report. At the back of each volume is a complete index which will assist materially in making a quick reference to the subjects contained in it.

This volume, which is the first of the set, deals with the essentials of cookery, cereals, bread, and hot breads. In Essentials of Cookery Parts 1 and 2, are thoroughly treated the selection, buying, and care of food, as well as other matters that will lead to familiarity with terms used in cookery and so efficiency, in the preparation of food. In Cereals are discussed the production, composition, selection, and care and the cooking and serving of cereals of all kinds. In Bread and Hot Breads are described all the ingredients required for bread, rolls, and hot breads of every knind, the processes and recipes to be followed in making and baking them, the procedure in serving them, and the way in which to care for such foods.

Whenever advisable, utensils for the preparation of food, as well as labor-saving devices, are described, so as to enable beginners in the art of cookery to become acquainted with them quickly. In addition, this volume contains breakfast, luncheon, and dinner menus that will enable the housewife to put into practical, every-day use many of the recipes given.

It is our hope that these volumes will help the housewife to acquire the knowledge needed to prepare daily meals that will contain the proper sustenance for each member of her family, teach her how to buy her food judiciously and prepare and serve it economically and appetizingly, and also instil in her such a liking for cookery that she will become enthusiastic about mastering and dignifying this womanly art.

Printed in the U.S.A.
Published 1918
Author Unknown
Illustrated yes
Cover type hard
Book number 1
Explicit yes
Language English
Publisher International Educational Company - Scranton, PA.
Pages 260
Chapters 60
Followed by Volumes: 2, 3, 4, 5
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