The Universe, or The Infinitely Great And the Infinitely Little The Infinitely Great And the Infinitely Little 1877 by F. A. Pouchet M.D.

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Fifth edition with gilded pages and cover, along with embossing on the cover.

Full of 270 beautiful illustrations, engravings on wood.

In great condition. Minor, average wear. Signature, stamp, and ex libris sticker on the interior cover. Minor spotting on some pages. Does have a “smell” of mildew, but in amazing condition.

Contents include:
The Animal Kingdom
The Architects of the Sea
Ravagers of Forests
Protectors of Agriculture
The Architecture of Birds
The Migrations of Animals

The Vegetable Kingdom
The Anatomy of Plants
The Physiology of Plants
The Seed and Germination
Migrations of Plants

Formation of the Globe
The Mountains - Cataclysms and Upheavals of the Globe
Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Glaciers and Eternal Snows
Caverns and Grottoes
Steppes and Deserts
The Air and Its Corpuscules

The Sidereal Universe
The Stars and Immensity
The Solar World

Popular Errors
Monsters and Superstitions

Published 1877
Author F. A. Pouchet M.D.
Illustrated yes
illustrator A. Faguet, Mesnel, Emile Bayard
Number of images 270
Cover type hard
Language English
Genre science
Pages 564
width height depth
7 9 1.75 in
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