The Pictorial History of the United States From the Discovery of the American Continent To the Present Time 1890s by James D Mccabe

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Antique illustrated book "The Pictorial History of the United States" by James D. McCabe, published in the 1890's.

This book is in great condition, some finger smudges and some ink is not complete, such as on the copyright page. I cannot tell what the last number is on the copyright year. A few minor tears and a small group of pages between the Presented and title page are completely separate from the spine, but all are there and in nice, clean condition.

This book covers the following:
An account of the mound builders; the American Indians; the discoveries and exploration of the Norsemen, Spaniards, English and French; The settlement of the New World; the gradual growth of the colonies; the French and Indian Wars; the struggle of the Revolution; the establishment of the American Republic; the second war with England; the Mexican War; the long period of peace; the history of the Great Civil War; the reconstruction of the Union; the centennial of our independence; including the administration of president Harrison.

Embellished with over 400 historical engravings and portraits.

Chapter contents include:
Primitive inhabitants
the voyage of Columbus
English and French discoveries
the Spaniards in America
the first English colony
The settlement of Virginia
Progress of the Virginia colony
Virginia after the restoration
the colonization of Maryland
the pilgrim fathers
settlement of Massachusetts and Rhode Island
colonization of Connecticut
the union of the New England colonies
New England after the restoration
Witchcraft in Massachusetts
the settlement of New York
colonization of Pennsylvania
settlement of the Carolinas
settlement of Georgia
the French in the valley of the Mississippi
the English and French come in conflict
the French and Indian War
causes of the American Revolution
the American Revolution
the Declaration of Independence
the year 1777
Published 1890s
Author James D Mccabe
Illustrated yes
Number of images 400+
Cover type hard
Language English
Genre History
Pages 992
Chapters XLV
width height depth
7 9 2 in
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