The Marvels of Modern Mechanism And Their Relation to Social Betterment 1901 by Jerome Bruce Crabtree

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Antique illustrated book "The Marvels of Modern Mechanism And Their Relation to Social Betterment" by Jerome Bruce Crabtree, copyright 1901.

This book has a really nice green and gold canvas covers.

Great condition, average wear, bumped corners, signature of an owner from 1902.

Binding is in great condition, may have some notes or minor tears, though looking back through I could not find any.

Table of Contents:
Modern Machinery - Its benefits to mankind
Power - Its production and use
Transportation - Its relation to progress
Electricity - Its practical appliances
Iron and steel working - The foundation of our industrial life
Military art and science - The evolution of the materials of warfare
Mineral industries - Gold, silver, copper, coal, petroleum
Means of communication - Telephone, telegraph, postal service, printing
Advance in agricultural machinery - Increases the food supply of the world
Miscellaneous - Optics, modern surgery, housekeeper's debt to invention, patent an invention, machinery, labor and wealth
Appendix - Man's work and training, modern occupation for women
Published 1901
Author Jerome Bruce Crabtree
Illustrated yes
Cover type hard
Language English
Pages 750
width height depth
6.5 8.5 1.75 in
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