The Gem Embroidery Machine Catalog 1900 by Unknown

Book # 1gGJiGVSZCus 63
4 color plates and several black and white line art illustrations.

Descriptive list of Embroidery Patterns
Image number + Pattern(s)

No. 8 Sumach and Golden Rod
No. 9 Ferns and Cat Tails
No. 10 Double Rose
No. 11 Palm Tree and Swan
No. 12 - Poppies
No. 13 Calla Lilies
No. 14 Strawberries
No. 16 Horses
No. 17 Horse Shoe and Rose Vines
No. 19 Daisies and Cat Tails
No. 21 Slipper Pattern with Vines
No. 22 Picture Frame and Panel Design
No. 24 Anchor with Double Rose & Vines
No. 25 Thistle
No. 28 Roses, Daisies and Forget-Me-Nots
No. 83 Doves and Birds Nests
No. 93 Swan
No. 108 Pea Fowl and Vines
No. 109 Palm and Ducks
No. 110 Vase of Flowers
No. 111 Pansies, Fuchsias, Wheat & Roses
No. 112 Fuchsias and Rosebuds
No. 113 Pansies and Wild Roses
No. 114 Morning Glories and Wild Roses
No. 115 Deer
No. 116 Rose Tree and Dove
No. 117 Stork
No. 118 Cross with Morning Glories
No. 119 Anchor, Tiger Lily, Daisies & Roses
No. 121 Lilacs and Roses
No. 122 Heron among Cat Tails
No. 123 Sumach, Thistle, Golden Rod, etc
No. 125 Horses Head and Cherries
No. 127 Horse Shoe, Cherries and Roses
No. 128 Fence with Wild Roses
No. 130 Pond Lily and Cat Tails
No. 131 Double Rose
No. 133 Parrot
No. 135 Wreath of Roses and Leaves
No. 137 Dogs Head and Pansies
No. 138 Pansies
No. 139 Wheat
No. 140 Sunflowers and Water Lilies
No. 141 Tiger Lily
No. 143 Poppies
No. 144 Wisteria
No. 145 Tiger Lily
No. 146 Ferns
No. 147 Poppies
No. 148 Wild Rose
No. 149 Wreath of Daisies
No. 351 Set of Doilies
No. 152 Centerpiece Strawberries, Pansies
No. 153 Rose Sprays, Daisies, etc
No. 154 Oak Leaves, Sprays, etc
No. 155 Fruit, Rose Sprays, Dasies, etc
No. 156 Wild Roses and Dasies
No. 157 Sprays of Roses
No. 158 Centerpiece and Basket of Flowers
No. 159 Fruit and Basket of Flowers
No. 160 Set of Doilies
No. 161 Sprays of Roses, Daisies, etc
No. 162 Set of Doilies
No. 163 Alphabet of Floral Letters
No. 164 Alphabet of Plain Letters
Published 1900
Author Unknown
Illustrated yes
Number of images 50+
Cover type soft
Language english
Pages 50
width height depth
3.375 6.25 0.125 in
Keywords flowers, birds, animals, Embroidery, handicraft, needle and thread or yarn, embroider