The Fur Country Seventy Degrees North Latitude 1873 by Jules Verne

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Antique book titled "The Fur Country, or Seventy Degrees North Latitude" by Jules Verne, translated from French by N. D'Anvers.

No copyright notice, however 1873 is noted in the dedication. I believe this to be the first edition of the English translation.

Beautifully illustrated.

Stunning condition, with minor wear. The only issue I found was one page with a tiny circle of missing paper that took a tiny circle of text off of 2 pages (see pictures).

A Soiree at Fort Reliance
The Hudson's Bay Fur Company
A Savant Thawed
A Factory
From Fort Reliance to Fort Enterprise
A Wapiti Duel
The Arctic Circle
The Great Bear Lake
A Storm on the Lake
A Retrospect
Along the Cost
The Midnight Sun
Fort Hope
Some Excursions
Fifteen Miles From Cape Bathurst
Two Shots
The Approach of Winter
The Polar Night
A Neighbourly Visit
Mercury Freezes
The Large Polar Bears
Five Months More
The Eclipse of the 18th June 1860
A Floating Fort
Where Are We?
A Tour of the Island
A Night Encampment
From July 25th to August 20th
Ten Days of Tempest
A Fire and a Cry
MRS Paulina Barnett's Excursion
Kalumah's Adventures
The Kamtchatka Current
A Communication From Lieutenant Hobson
A Chance to be Tried
Across the Ice Field
The Winter Months
A Last Exploring Expedition
The Break Up of the Ice
The Avalanche
All at Work
Behring Sea
In the Offing
The Island Becomes an Islet
The Four Following Days
On a Piece of Ice

List of Illustrations:
Mrs Joliffe served out slice after slice
The beinning of the thaw
The mouth of the Coppermine River
From this position they were able
She ran up to it
All might watch the progress of the phenomenon
Corporal Joliffe was extremely fond of him
The bear seized Kalumah by the clothes
The Lieutenant tied round their necks
Everybody started back
The lower framework was already floating
The colonists, falling on their knees, returned thanks to God
Kalumah and the bear
Published 1873
Author Jules Verne
Illustrated yes
Cover type hard
Language English
Publisher John W Lovell
Pages 334
width height depth
5.5 8 1.5 in
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