The Farm and Household Cyclopaedia A complete ready reference library for farmers, gardeners, fruit growers, stockmen and housekeepers 1885 by F M Lupton

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Antique vintage illustrated book "The Farm and Household Cyclopaedia" by F. M. Lupton, c 1885.

A complete ready reference library for farmers, gardeners, fruit growers, stockmen and housekeepers.

Containing a large fund of useful information, facts, hints and suggestions in the various departments of agriculture, horticulture, livestock raising, poultry keeping, bee keeping, dairy farming, fertilizers, rural architecture, farm implements, household management, domestic affairs, cookery, ladies fancy work, floriculture, medical matters, etc.

With two hundred and forty nine illustrations.

This book is in poor condition. While all pages are in the place, some have separated from the spine, and the exterior of the spin has been taped.

Still complete, it is full of interesting old fashioned tips, perfect for a homesteader or prepper to have on hand.

Rural Architecture
Fences and Gates
Field Crops
The Garden
Orchard and Vineyard
Small Fruits
Live Stock
The Poultry Yard
The Dairy
The Apiary
Farm Implements
Around the Farm
Cooking Recipes
Ladies' Fancy Work
The Home Physician
The Toilet
The Laundry
Hints and Helps
Published 1885
Author F M Lupton
Illustrated yes
Number of images 249
Cover type hard
Language English
Publisher F M Lupton
Genre Agriculture, Household
Pages 544
width height depth
5.5 7.5 1.75 in
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