Steele's New Astronomy The Story of the Stars, New Descriptive Astronomy 1884 by Joel Dorman Steele

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Beautiful yellow embossed antique illustrated book "Steele's New Astronomy, The Story of the Stars, New Descriptive Astronomy" by Joel Dorman Steele, PH. D.

This book is in great condition, with war along the cover edges. Most pages are perfect and clean, however I recall seeing some minor stains and pencil markings on random pages. Also some writing (name and number) on the first few pages.

Table of Contents:
History of Astronomy
The Three Systems of Circles
The Zodiac
The Solar System
The Sun
The Planets
The Earth
The Minor Planets
Meteors and Shooting Stars
Zodiacal Light
The Sidereal System
The Stars
The Constellations
Double Stars, Colored Stars, Variable Stars, Clusters, Magellanic Clouds
Celestial Chemistry
Celestial Measurements
Published 1884
Author Joel Dorman Steele
Illustrated yes
Cover type hard
Language English
Publisher A S Barnes & Company
Genre Astronomy
Pages 326
width height depth
5 7.25 .75 in
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