Outdoor Sports The Year Round Hundreds of ideas for new and popular sports and the making of the necessary equipment 1930 by Popular Mechanics Press

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Amazingly illustrated book sports, recreation and how to do things.

Contents include:
Automobile, small electric
Bait casting
Boats and boating
Boomerang making and throwing
Bows and arrows
Camp lighting
Camping out, tricks of
Canoes, roller track for
Casting rods
Circular swing
Monorail coaster
Coasting bobsled
Cycling on snow and ice
Diving tower
Diving springboard
Mounting fish trophies
Fishing kinks
Fishing rod making
Portable fishing shack
Fly casting
Golf in your backyard
How to take care of guns
Hand car for boys
Human checkers game for beaches
Ice hockey
Merry go round for ice
Ice sled for sailing
Ice yacht
Jitney golf
Kite making and flying
Lawn tennis marker
Merry go round
Model airplane building
Night croquet
Outboard motor for youngsters
Outboard motor
Outdoor cooking
Outdoor photography
Paddle tennis
Plane for lindy junior
Pole vaulting
Portable kitchen for hikers
Pushcycle for children
Pushmobile racing
Rifle, Sporting
Seesaw merry go round
How to build shooting blinds
Shooting the chutes
How to use a shotgun
Skate sailing
Skating whirligig
Skins, preparing for mounting
Skis and ski running
Motor driven sleds
Spring gun
Learning to swim
Boat for swimming pool
Swimming pool for children
Swimming pool for the backyard
Airplane swing
Target shooting
how to make a telescope
Tennis court backstop
Tennis court scraper
Tent for bathers
How to fold tents
Toboggan slide
Trap shooting
Traps and trapping
Trolley coaster
Trout fishing
Tumbling barrel sport for bathers
Twisting thriller merry go round
Water bicycle
Water ferris wheel for bathers
Water scooters
Water skipper
Water system for summer cottage or camp
Water toboggan and slide
How to make water wings
Weights for athletes
Wind wagon with aerial propeller

This book is in amazing condition, minor wear, scuffs, a few pencil markings, and a couple of torn pages, but they are still all clean and complete.

Lots of information in here that could be used by preppers.
Published 1930
Author Popular Mechanics Press
Illustrated yes
Number of images 650
Cover type hard
Publisher Popular Mechanics Company
Genre sports
Pages 336
width height depth
7 10 1.5 in
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