Our Homes and Their Adornments How to Build, Finish, Furnish & Adorn a Home - a Complete Household Cyclopedia, Designed to make happy homes for happy people 1885 by Almon C Varney

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Stunning antique book, "Our Homes and Their Adornments" by Almon C. Varney.

Copyright 1885, profusely illustrated and in stunning condition. Very minor wear on the edges of the covers, pencil writing on inside, otherwise perfect and clean.

The contents include:

Value of refined manners - laws of etiquette, advantages of early training in politeness.

Acquaintances and introductions - how to make introductions, general suggestions and rules.

Calling and conversation - the objects in making calls, time for calling, studies of those called upon, calling cards.

How to converse - theme for conversation, good listeners, useful hints.

Correspondence - letter writing, full instructions for letter writing, specimen of a model letter

The art of giving dinners - forms of invitation, manners at the table, table talk.

Etiquette of the home - how to train children into good manners, etiquette of the public places, the etiquette of courtship and marriage, the engagement, the invitations, the ceremony, the bridal tour.

Planning and erecting homes:
Ideal homes - rent or purchase?, paying for homes gradually, how to plan homes.

Ornamentations of homes - the secret of beautiful buildings, small expense with splendid results.

Valuable rules for building and measuring - how to estimate amount and cost of materials.

House painting - how to do the work, to select colors that stand out well and harmonize, practical suggestions about paints varnish etc.

How to plan a house - making out the specifications, secret of cheap building.

Heating and ventilation - drainage and exposure of houses, how to have pure air, danger from defective ventilation and impure water.

Designs, plans, specifications, elevation and cost of buildings - how to build summer cottages and rustic houses, landscape gardening, making lawns drives and walks, tree planting.

Womans Handiwork:
Macrame lace - how to make all kinds of stitches and designs.

Silk knitting - designs illustrations and directions for the work.

Crocheted patterns - full directions for learning the terms and working patterns.

Interior Decoration:
Increase in popularity of home decoration - how to beautify walls and ceilings, harmony of colors.

Outline work - full directions on how to do the work, popular materials used, the star of beauty, the wood nymph.

How to hang wall papers - how to cut and match the paper, paste for wall paper.

Repousse or brass hammering work - its popularity, description of tools used, full directions on how the work is done, designs.

Embroidery stitches - directions for making all the later varieties, new and recent designs.

Drawn work - how to use colored silks in the work, explicit directions for the work.

Ribbon work - the latest in decoration, description of designs.

Designs for various articles - chairs, mirrors, scarfs, baskets

Elegant hangings for halls and windows.

Screens - full directions for making all kinds of screens, banners, how to paint them, etc.

Lambrequin’s and curtains - applique designs, sofa pillows, etc.

Ceramics and etching - how to paint china and other wares without firing, directions for terrain painting, beautiful designs for skillful fingers.

Etching on linen with ink - a new art, easy lessons on the subject.

Kensington painting - how to paint with oil colors on velvet or plush, an easy and beautiful art fully explained.

Lustra, bronze or prismatine painting, a new method of interior decoration, how to do the work, hues that rival the rainbow, bronzing vases and statuettes.

Culture and Propagation of Flowers:
How to have flowers in abundance - hot beds and the management, hints on sowing and cultivation of flowers.

Varieties of flowers - bulbs, climbers, annuals, shrubs, and their treatment.

Window gardening - how to have flowers all winter, their arrangement in the window.

Preserving natural flowers - processes used in the work, how to keep bridal and funeral flowers, crystalizing grass.

Miscellaneous Decorative Arts For the Home:
Painting in oil and water colors - panel painting, oil colors on silk satin and plush, bowl painting.

Crystal ambrotypes -how to paint photographs in natural colors, decalcomania, or french decorative art, materials for the work, the process.

Fish scale embroidery - how to make bags and sachets, how to make rugs.

Encaustic tiles - how to use them.

Dyeing and bleaching - how to treat the fabrics, directions for leading colors, aniline dyes, bleaching sponge, bleaching straw goods, washing fluid.

Household Compendium of New and Valuable Recipes:
Hints on health - hints on home decoration, toilet recipes, varnishes, paint, staining woods, miscellaneous recipes.

House keepers manual of cooking - kitchen utensils, soups, how to make them, fish poultry and game, meats, pastry, ices, preserving and canning fruits, beverages, table etiquette, invitations, bills of fare.

Amateur Photography:
How photographs may now be taken by any one at very small cost, full instructions on how to learn the art, a popular means of amusement and profit.
Published 1885
Author Almon C Varney
Illustrated yes
Cover type hard
Language English
Publisher People's Publishing Co
Pages 486
Chapters VII
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