How to Breed Live Stock 1944 by Prof. C. C. Palmer

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"How to Breed Live Stock, " Gives valuable information on the breeding of horses, cattle, swine and sheep. Shows pictures of breeding organs. Gives wonderful descriptions and valuable advice.

How much would it help you if you knew the real reasons why your mares, cows, sows or ewes sometimes fail to breed — why so many animals die at birth — how to prevent abortion — how to prevent and cure the diseases which weaken and kill your cattle — how to care properly for breeding animals — how to control heredity — how to breed successfully by capsule — how to improve and strengthen an individual animal or an entire herd — how to judge instantly fertility, vigor, longevity, good mothers and pleasant dispositions. How much, in real money value, would knowledge like this mean to you ?

How to Prevent Abortion.

That is the title of one of the valuable chapters in this book. A few of the other chapters are : Why so Many New Born Animals Die, How to Care for Breeding Animals. How to Control Heredity, The Fine Points of Scientific Breeding. Don't miss this book. It's filled with money-saving points. It also tells all about the famous Course in Animal Breeding — a simple, practical, home-study course that will really show you just how to cut down your expenses and losses and increase the value of your stock.

Increase your live stock profit*. Strengthen and increase your herds. Prevent abortion and sterility. Double the value of your herds and individuals.

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Published 1944
Author Prof. C. C. Palmer
Illustrated yes
Number of images 21 illustrations, 1 photo
Cover type soft
Language english
Publisher National School of Animal Breeding Combined with Beery School Of Horsemanship - Pleasant Hill, Ohio, U.S.A.
Pages 16
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