Glimpses of Medical Europe 1908 by Ralph L Thompson

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Antique illustrated book "Glimpses of Medical Europe" by Ralph L. Thompson, M.D.

This book is in good condition. Some pages in the front are separating from the spine, however all pages are still in tact. Some smudges from dirty fingers on random pages.

Copenhagen - Municipal Hospitals
Copenhagen - The Finsen Institute
Stockholm - Noteworthy Medical Institutions
Upsala - The University of Sweden
St Petersburg - Its Numerous Hospitals
Berlin - Anglo-American Medical Society
Berlin - Charite and Pathological Institute
Berlin - Hospitals and Clinics
Berlin - Dr Pick - a Pathological Pilgrimage
Vienna and Budapest
Paris - St. Louis Hospital - Scenes at the Skin Clinic
Paris - The Parisian Life - The Surgical Clinics
Paris - The Pasteur Institute - Metchnikoff
London - The Hospitals - Sir A. E. Wright's Laboratory
Liverpool - The University - The School of Tropical Medicine
A List of Medical Courses for Americans in Berlin
German Universities
Published 1908
Author Ralph L Thompson
Illustrated yes
illustrator Tom Jones
Cover type hard
Language English
Publisher J B Lippincott Company
Genre Medical
Pages 36
width height depth
6 8 1 in
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