Finger Ring Lore Historical, Legendary, Anecdotal 1877 by William Jones

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Antique illustrated book "Finger Ring Lore" by William Jones, F. S. A. This book is beautiful.

Some wear and damage, especially on the spine. The title page is completely separated from the binding. The pages are thick, however they are also fragile so bending or folding will break them. Some pages have broken off pieces along the edges or corners. Some pages have glue in inconvenient spots along the spine, however all pages are still there, and all but the title page are still in tact.

Full of beautiful and interesting illustrations of unique rings.

Rings From the Earliest Period
Ring Superstitions
Secular Investiture by the Ring
Rings in Connection with Ecclesiastical Usages
Betrothal and Wedding Rings
Token Rings
Memorial and Mortuary Rings
Posy, Inscription and Motto Rings
Customs and Incidents in Connection with Rings
Remarkable Rings

Published 1877
Author William Jones
Illustrated yes
Cover type hard
Language English
Publisher Spottishwoode and Co
Pages 545
width height depth
5.5 7.5 1.5 in
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