Extinct Monsters A popular account of some of the larger forms of ancient animal life 1893 by Rev H N Hutchinson

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Antique illustrated book "Extinct Monsters, A popular account of some of the larger forms of ancient animal life" by Rev. H. N. Hutchinson, B.A., F.G.S.

With illustrations by J. Smit and others.

Third thousand, corrected and enlarged.

Copyright 1893

This book is beautiful! Many full page illustrations of dinosaurs and extinct critters.

The book is in good condition, does have wear, pencil markings and notes throughout, a few loose or completely separated pages (but are still in their correct place), and some spotting. Please see pictures to judge condition for yourself.

List of Contents:
Preface by Dr. Henry Woodward
Author’s Preface
Preface to second edition

Chapter I
How Extinct Monsters are Preserved

Chapter II
Sea Scorpions

Chapter III
The Great Fish Lizards

Chapter IV
The Great Sea Lizards and Their Allies

Chapter , VI, and VII
The Dragons of Old Time - Dinosaurs

Chapter VIII
Flying Dragons

Chapter IX
Sea Serpents

Chapter X
Some American Monsters

Chapter XI
Some Indian Monsters

Chapter XII
Giant Sloths and Armadillos

Chapter XIII
The Mammoth

Chapter XIV
The Mastodon and the Woolly Rhinoceros

Chapter XV
Giant Birds

Chapter XVI
The Great Irish Deer and Steller’s Sea Cow

Published 1893
Author Rev H N Hutchinson
Illustrated yes
illustrator j smit
Cover type hard
Language English
Publisher Chapman & Hall
Genre Paleontology
Pages 270
Chapters XVI
width height depth
6 8.5 1.5 in
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