Chemistry General Medical and Pharmaceutical Including the chemistry of The US Pharmacopeia 1894 by John Attfield

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Antique illustrated book "Chemistry: General, Medical, and Pharmaceutical" by John Attfield, F.R.S.

Including the chemistry of the US Pharmacopeia.

A manual on the general principles of the science, and their applications in medicine and pharmacy.

Fourteenth Edition.

Great condition, minor rips on upper pages (446-447) and there may be pencil markings in the book.

Nice clean pages.

Advice to Students
Lists of Apparatus
List of Furniture of a Chemical Laboratory
List of Fluid Reagents
Lists of Solid Chemical Substances For Study
General Properties of the Non Metallic Elements
Symbols and Derivation of Names of Elements
The General Principles of Chemical Philosophy
Common Metallic Elements, Their Official Preparations and Tests
Analytical Charts for Ordinary Metals
Rarer Metallic Elements, Their Official Preparations and Tests
Analytical Charts for All Metals
Common Acidulous Radicals, Official Acids, and Tests
Salts of Rarer Acidulous Radicals
Analytical chart for Acidulous Radicals
Systematic Analysis
Organic Chemistry
Chemical Toxicology
Examination of Morbid Urine and Calculi
Official Galenical Preparations
Official Chemical Preparations
Introductory Remarks
Determination of Atmospheric Pressure
Determination of Temperature
Determination of Weight
Weights and Measures
Specific Gravity
Correction of the Volume of Gases for Pressure and Temperature
Volumetric Quantitative Analysis
Gravimetric Quantitative Analysis
Table of Tests for Impurities in Preparations of the United States Pharmacopeia
Saturation Tables
The Elements, Their Symbols, and Atomic Weights

Published 1894
Author John Attfield
Illustrated yes
Cover type hard
Language English
Publisher Lea Brothers & Co
Genre Science
Pages 794
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6 8 1.5 in
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